About Us

Vuze Gaming was founded in September 2009 as an online gaming community, during the integration of 2 ‘Counter Strike: Source’ teams (“NFC” – Norfolk in Chance & “SLAG” – SLAG Gaming). The aim of Vuze Gaming is to become an internationally renowned multi game gaming community. Many of the leaders within the community have successfully competed competitively within many leagues and competition such as ‘Enemy Down’, ‘ESL’, ‘Jolt’, etc. and some have also won regional and national LAN’s.history

Vuze Gaming now incorporates many games such as but not limited to:-

  • Arma 3
  • Ark: Survival Evolved
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • Day Z
  • H1Z1

We constantly evolve and embrace new game releases, like the upcoming ‘Rainbow Six: Seige’, by listening to the opinions of our members and let their ideas shape the community that is fostered, which – most importantly of all – gives you the opportunity to advance through our ranks.

So will you be the next big streamer in Vuze Gaming? Will you be our next Game-Leader?

Find out today by applying through our forums, because there is no other community like Vuze Gaming.