eSports is growing, Were still looking to grow too

This is eSports and the “athletes” are headset-wearing, energy-drink-guzzling gamers. But enough of all that! More than 20 years after the first video game tournaments, top eSports tourneys now draw audiences that rival the biggest traditional sporting events; popular midweek live streams routinely attract more than 100,000 online viewers. Coke and Nissan have joined Logitech and Red Bull as tournament sponsors. Gaming is what every traditional sports league is desperate to become: young, global, digital and increasingly diverse. So can it ever be a sport? Does it matter, Its Here, Its real & its growing.

The point of this post is to tell you all, we are still here, Counter-Strike is still part of our foundations and although we may be older than we were, we still want to go to LAN and have a good time regardless of how everyone does. So if you are a team of five who are like minded, want an awesome TeamSpeak 3 server to hang out on and a free server to play your games on, then we are the home for you. The door is wide open to any team, for any game, that just wants to have fun. We only have one rule at Vuze Gaming – Don’t be a dick!



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