How To Join Us

Read our Code of Conduct. This code gives our new members an clear understanding of how we work as a gaming community and how we would like our members to act.

These rules, although important, are not instantly ban-able offenses if broken. Every person has a bad day, or disagreements.
We are all human and we do not run the clan like an autonomous robot with no empathy.

If you have any trouble or disagreements please come and speak to any of the community staff members, we are here to help.

Register a new account. After registering your account head over click on the “APPLICATIONS FOR VUZE” tab and complete the application from.

If you would like to introduce yourself more personally you can always go to the “INTRODUCTIONS” thread to read more about other members and introduce yourself as well.

If you haven’t already, download and install TeamSpeak. You can download it from Here (it is completely free) and follow the guide once it is installed connect to The Vuze Gaming Server. The Teamspeak IP is:

Once online you will be in the lobby, a TeamSpeak Admin will come and speak to you, explain that you have applied on the website if you have done so. Then they will ask you a few questions such as your age and what game you are interested in playing. They will then give you a Trial badge for the TeamSpeak server and move you to the correct channel.

From there you are free to chat and play with members of any game. Get to know who we are etc. Most of all however remember to have fun, which is why we play games after all.

Hopefully this guide helps you and good luck.
See you online soon!