Introducing our new Rocket League Team: Vuze Orange

Vuze Gaming is an organization founded by a group of players who believe in a home for both casual and competitive gamers. Through hard work, dedication, and a growing fan base Vuze Gaming has been able to achieve many of its goals. With our brand and goals in mind we are able to offer a foster home for teams and players to grow.

To continue our improvement and expansion as an organization, we would like to introduce our new Rocket League team from the UK – Vuze Orange.

The Rocket League Squad is practicing by participating in the ESL ladder, ESL weekly cup & ESL Monthly Cups. They also practice throughout the week with a hard work ethic, to continuously keep their game knowledge and skill in the best shape possible.

Vuze Gaming will do everything to help them succeed! For our fans: Please say a warm welcome to the new team and follow them on Twitch! – Click here.

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