Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex gaming mouse


The Logitech G303 was born out of demand from gamers who loved the design of the G302, but needed something more geared towards FPS gaming.

Logitech have provided us with a mouse that looks almost identical to the previous G302 but has marked improvements across the board, including a top end sensor, a braided cable and full RGB lighting.

Let’s take a look at the mouse in detail.

Design & Comfort

Like it’s predecessor, the G303 strikes an unusual shape amongst it’s competitors. When unboxing this mouse and holding it for the first time, I was surprised with just how small this mouse looks in my hand. The mouse has a diamond shaped body, that makes it appear as if it is an ambidextrous design, however mouse buttons 5 & 6 only feature on the left side of the mouse, making this a mouse intended for right-handed users.

Given the unusual shape of the mouse, I have heard that some people have trouble finding a comfortable grip on the mouse but this was not the case for myself. I have medium sized hands and found this mouse to be very comfortable and easy grip, and with the mouse being so light, it is also very easy to maneuver, making it ideal for low sensitivity gamers, like myself.

The mouse has a great RGB lighting effect that lights up your mousemat and just looks really nice. The lighting can be modified and has different effects that can be applied when using the software downloaded from the company’s website.

Logitech have given the G303 a braided cable this time round, which is an “upgrade” on the rubber cable of the G302. This is one that some people will either like or hate as braided cables usually split opinion. I personally like a braided cable, but find the cable on the G303 to be too thick in comparison with the mouse, meaning if you do not use a mouse bungee, it can cause drag and whip around a bit too much.

A problem that hampered the G302 from a FPS gamer’s view, was the mouse feet (or the lack of them). The mouse lacked feet on the sides and this caused the mouse to tilt under the hand, but this has now been fixed on the G303 and the new mouse no longer suffers from this issue.

I would warn that if you do have larger hands, you may wish to try this mouse out before committing to it, but overall this mouse is well designed and comfortable to use.


Logitech have not left any stones unturned when it comes to the performance of this mouse. They have given the mouse the industry leading sensor PMW3366, which is rated the best on the market.

That means this mouse tracks extremely well, in fact it does so flawlessly at any DPI ranging from 200-12000 at a polling rate of up to 1000hz. The sensor in this mouse also has a super low lift off distance, which combined with the great tracking, make this a very appealing mouse for FPS gamers.

The buttons on the G303 feature something that Logitech are calling a “metal spring tensioning system” which is essentially a mechanism that helps keep the clicks feeling consistent and satisfying. In fact the buttons on the G303 are a pleasure to use and are some of the best I have used before.

The performance of this mouse in undoubtedly superb and is what makes this a top contender in the market.

Value for money

So, we have looked at the design of the mouse and the performance of the mouse, but does this amount to something that is worth the price tag? Is this worth buying? And is it a big enough improvement on the G302 to bother upgrading to?

To put simply, I believe the answer to those questions are yes, yes and maybe. The mouse is great, the build quality is solid (although not the best), it is comfortable to use and performs as well as you could hope. In essence, it is as good (if not better) than any other mouse in it’s price bracket (if you can get on with the shape). But if you already own the G302 and are not concerned with FPS gaming, then it is probably not worth upgrading.

Logitech G303 Daedalus Apex gaming mouse













  • Amazing sensor
  • Satisfying clicks
  • Lightweight
  • Great RGB lighting
  • Perfect tracking


  • Shape is not for everyone
  • Maybe too small for larger hands
  • Cable can drag without a bungee

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